Multidisciplinary research Groups 

Our Initiative promotes an interdisciplinary approach, fostering collaborative research, reflection, and dialogue across diverse fields to delve into Responsible AI in Medicine. As we initiate on this exploration, we are actively seeking dedicated researchers to join and enrich our cancer and public health research groups. If you share our passion for blending expertise and perspectives, we invite you to become a part of our journey.


1. Utilizing AI responsibly for research, diagnosis, treament and psychosocial support in Cancer 

This research group aims to utilize AI in a responsible manner to advance cancer research, improve diagnostic accuracy, and optimize treatment strategies. Additionally, we are focused on leveraging AI for enhanced psychosocial support for cancer patients and their families. As we embark on this pioneering journey, we are actively seeking passionate researchers to join our team. If you share our mission and believe in the potential of AI in oncology, we invite you to be part of this foundational endeavor. For more informatoin, click HERE


2. Responsible AI in Mental Health 

Our responsible AI in mental health research groups seek to explore the intersection of AI and innovative, accessible, ethical mental healthcare. We aim to investigate how AI can responsibly transform mental health systems for the better. By bringing diverse experts together, we believe we can steer the use of AI in mental healthcare in a human-centric direction that increases access and prioritizes inclusivity, privacy, accountability and human well-being. For more information, click HERE.  


3. Responisble AI in Public Health 

As the potential of AI continues to reshape public health, our emerging "Responsible AI in Public Health, Policy, and Regulation" research group is on a mission to create robust frameworks that navigate AI's benefits and challenges in this domain. We champion the integration of diverse perspectives—from the general public to seasoned healthcare professionals and policymakers—ensuring a holistic approach to AI's development and application. Our collaborative efforts with other research arms within our Initiative, especially those focusing on mental health and oncology, further amplify our insights. Moreover, we anticipate delving into the analysis of specific AI tools, measuring their impact, and recommending refinements for optimal outcomes. As we lay the foundation for this pivotal journey, we are actively seeking visionary researchers to join us in shaping the future of AI in public health.For more information, click HERE.

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